How Important Is Digital Marketing?

Today, it won’t be wrong to say that no e-business can exist without digital marketing. This statement may sound harsh to you but today’s fast changing world, you have to harness social media or you may stay far behind. As a matter of fact, digital marketing can work in a very effective manner provided it is used the right way. Given below are 10 reasons why you may digital marketing is so important.


Unlike traditional marketing, social media and digital marketing don’t cost much. As a matter of fact, with this marketing method, you can reach a lot bigger audience without spending an arm and a leg. The majority of SMEs don’t afford traditional marketing methods. But online marketing is a cheap but effective solution for them. According to the Digital Marketing Spend Report of Gartner, 4 out of 10 people said that digital marketing saved them a great deal of money.


Unlike conventional marketing, it is a lot faster. The older methods require a lot of stages. You have to design, approve, print and then distribute, which may take months in some cases. On the other hand, the latest methods allow you to get the word out about your business in minutes.


You can’t just rely on paper when you have other means to attract your customers. For instance, you can use instant feedback, videos and songs. With online marketing, there are a lot of media at your disposal, such as email and social media. All of these methods cost a lot less than the classic methods.

Monitoring results

If you use the latest methods of marketing, you can track and monitor you campaign results with ease. As a matter of fact, the whole process of monitoring will take no more than a few minutes. All of it is at your fingertips.

Brand development

You may not believe it but social media presence can make your customer become more loyal. And most of them become your honest brand ambassadors.


With a solid strategy for marketing online, you can have a direction for your business. As soon as you come to know about your target customers are and what they want, you can align your company much more easily.


You can earn your customers’ trust. After all, no one can trust a company that has no website. The same is true about a company that has no Facebook page. With feedback and engagement, you can earn your clients’ or customers’ trust.


You can get your customers to your customer no matter where they are based in the world. Actually, digital marketing involves mobile phones, computers, tablet PC and iPads. And most people these days have these devices.


Digital marketing lets you compete with your competitors. As far as traditional marketing is concerned, you can’t compete with big players. But with a computer and your website, you can run circles around your competitors no matter how big they may be.

More money

According to Google, businesses that make use of online marketing make a lot more money than other businesses. And revenue is what all businesses are after.

So, what are you waiting for? You may want to use digital marketing strategies today to get ahead of the competitors.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Video Marketing

You’ve no doubt heard about video marketing campaigns. They’re all over the place, especially on social media platforms. It’s perfectly understandable, as well, with majority of most market populations spending a great deal of time on these social media platforms, especially Facebook.

Given that it’s a relatively new tactic in terms of content marketing, there still lie doubts in terms of its effectiveness and safety of its possible impact on your budget. Here are some reasons to help you see just why investing in videos for your business could be the risk you’ll be glad you took.

Numbers Don’t Lie

With marketing having much of a trial-and-error nature, statistics are definitely not to be ignored. They’re a great compass for telling whether a certain strategy is too steep a step to take or if it’s effective (aka safe) enough to try.

According to recently updated statistics from Hubspot, 43% of the market actually want to see more video content in the marketing materials they encounter. 51.9% of marketers who use videos in their marketing strategies have reported video as the type of content that brings about the best return on investment (ROI).

Billions are currently online. These online users apparently spend a third of their time online watching videos. This positive response to video material keeps growing, with video predicted to gain 80% of overall web traffic by 2019.

With such an active present and promising future, you won’t have to worry about video marketing not bringing you an at least adequate return on investment eventually.

Videos Make You More Memorable

As opposed to textual content, videos provide users with a visual and auditory experience. It makes messages a whole lot easier to absorb.

According to HubSpot’s statistics, as much as 80% of customers remember the videos they’ve watched within the last month. By becoming more memorable, you’re more likely to come up in their minds come the time when they’re making decisions.

No matter business you may be in, there will always be the threat of competition, and by maximizing your chances of being a top option, video marketing can definitely make a difference.

Videos Help Boost Your Efforts

According to HubSpot’s statistics, 65% of business decision makers actually go and visit the business’s site after having viewed said business’s video. With that, your SEO efforts for your site’s visibility are effectively enhanced.

More importantly, these videos help customers make decisions. As much as 39% of business decision makers go and actually contact the vendors to go through with a transaction. Now what business wouldn’t want better conversion rates?

Videos Help You Speak Louder of Your Brand

Videos allow you to make the most of visuals and sound at the same time. With this, the limits are basically endless, and you’ll be free to play with ideas without being bound by the static and flat nature of plain photos and text.

Additionally, if all goes well, your video could end up going viral. By creating effective videos, people are bound to share them, spreading word of your business and reaching more potential customers effortlessly.

Videos are indeed a blessing to marketers and business owners alike. It’s a fun and interesting way to show people what your business is all about. In order to reap what videos have to offer, however, you’re going to need the right people.

Knowing what content works and making sure these ideas are brought to life is vital if you want your videos to work for your business. Fortunately, contacting a digital marketing agency could very well be the solution to your local video marketing needs.